Margaret Hanson

Assistant Professor

Curriculum vitae

School of Politics & Global Studies

Arizona State University


At Arizona State, I have taught the following undergraduate and graduate courses in political science and global studies:
  • POS150, Comparative Government: Political institutions and processes in selected foreign countries, including origins, strengths, and weaknesses of contemporary political systems and political development.
  • POS301/SGS305, Empirical Political Inquiry: Logic of political inquiry, including research problems, concepts, hypotheses, theories, measurement, data collection, and analysis.
  • POS350, Comparative Politics: Theoretical approaches and political institutions, such as parties, pressure groups, legislatures, and executives, from a cross-national perspective.
  • SGS350, Economic Development & Globalization: Major issues and models in economic development and globalization. Studies development policy and foreign aid practiced since the 1970s and recent critique of these practices. Analyzes the mistakes made in the last 40 years, and potential for improving the practice of foreign aid. Contemporary issues in development economics, including the impacts of bad governance, foreign aid, corruption, war, military intervention and democracy on economic growth with emphasis on policy evaluations in health, education, microfinance and monitoring corruption.
  • POS394, Special Topics - How Dictators Rule: Explores the politics of modern authoritarian rule, including strategies that dictators use to stay in power, how they gain and lose it, and the relationship between authoritarianism and outcomes like rule of law. 
  • POS550, Comparative Politics: Graduate seminar that surveys major approaches across topical areas such as collective action, (re)distribution, institutions, etc.
  • POS598, Special Topics - Politics of Authoritarian Rule: Graduate seminar on authoritarian politics. 
  • POS500, Qualitative and Field Research Methods: Graduate seminar on the design and application of qualitative and field research methods, with an emphasis on conducting research in politically-sensitive contexts and/or with vulnerable populations. 


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